Valise aux morphogénèses

The morphogenesis suitcase
Wooden suitcase, gray silicone, white polyester plaster, plinth in raw oak

25,6 x 15,7 x 20;5 inches (65 x 40 x 52 cm

Produced upstream of a three-month residency in the Marquesas Islands (Hiva Oa), the morphogenesis suitcase is an invitation to travel. A geological journey in the stratified landscapes that are restored by its casts of various shells sources. An original quest where the gray silicone mold in negative and its white product in positive face each other, to leave, once the suitcase closed, only full. The piece thus questions the narrowness of the relationship between the work and its support-packaging and its manufacturing tools.

Vue de l'exposition personnelle "Surrounded by Water" organisée par la Fondation Salomon à L'Abbaye d'Annecy, 2017.

Vue de l'exposition personnelle pour le Parcours Saint-Germain chez Heschung, Paris 2015
Thomas Tronel-Gauthier - Valise aux morphogénèses
Exposition Sculpture 2012 : nouvelle génération / Les gens déraisonnables (ne) sont (pas) en voie de disparition, Paris La Défense, Tour KPMG

(Détail) Exposition OVERSEAS / Par delà les mers, Espace Brochage Express (décembre 2011)