Thomas Tronel-Gauthier - Sans Tiitre (made in Italy)
Untitled [Made in Italy]
Carved white marble
13,8 x 12,6 inches (35 x 32 cm)

This sculpture was made during a stay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2005. The sculpture of the mold was inspired by my daily physical confrontation to the world as normalized by the industrial age. The marble appears as a symbol of nostalgia, in a Proustian evocation of memory.

Vue de l'exposition personnelle "Le temps d'un sillage" à la Fondation Bullukian, mai 2016, Lyon, France

vue de l'exposition personnelle "Dédomestica", Le Radar, Bayeux, mars 2010

vue de l'exposition personnelle "Low Velocity Zone", galerie Riff Art Projects, février 2010