Corail de Terre
Corail de Terre

Ground Coral #1 #2
Synthetic Polyester Plaster
#1: 43,3 x 31,5 x 3,9 inches (110 x 80 x 10 cm)
#2: 39,4 x 31,5 x 3,9 inches (100 x 80 x 10 cm)

Produced during an artist residency at the Agricultural High School of Yvetot (Normandy), the ground coral series brings the sculptor's approach closer to that of a farmer. The earth of the fields which splits and fissures is thus seeded with polyester plaster, until infiltrating its least voids. Harvested, these new fruits of the earth can resemble coral and then constitute new fragments of territories with strangely familiar landscapes.

Vue de l'exposition personnelle "The world is an island", galerie 22,48 m², Paris, 2017
Corail de Terre

Vue de l'exposition personnelle "Le temps d'un sillage", Fondation Bullukian, Lyon 2016.
Thomas Tronel-Gauthier - Corail de TerreThomas Tronel-Gauthier - Corail de Terre
Vues de l'exposition de fin de résidence au LAY "Terre d'accueil", partenariat Galerie Duchamp, DRAC/DRAF Haute-Normandie