The Sunken Island – box set
3 wooden boxes, gray silicon, white resin
10,6 x 8,5 x 6,3 inches each (27 x 21,5 x 16 cm)

Located and isolated far away in the Pacific Ocean, Hiva Oa is a Polynesian island full of history and culture, with a singular volcanic relief. The numerical precision of its cartographic restitution confronts here an extrusion of material generated by its burial in a soft material. A disaster scenario fossilized by molding, which is repeated three times in a different way. These new mysterious landscapes, titled "the sunken island", bring together in a single entity the toolholder, the gray silicone matrix in negative, and its product in white resin. An invitation to travel that unfolds like a dive between myth and reality in the heart of these intimate wooden boxes.

Vue de l'exposition personnelle "Surrounded by Water" organisée par la Fondation Salomon à L'Abbaye d'Annecy, 2017

Vue de l'exposition personnelle chez Heschung pour le Parcours Saint-Germain, Paris, 2015

Vues de l'exposition personnelle "An echo, a stone" à la galerie My Monkey, Nancy, 2015
Bois, vernis polyester, silicone gris,
plâtre polyester blanc
26 cm x 26 cm x 31 cm