Black Paintings
2011 - 2015
Acrylic on linen canvas and floating frame
39,4 x 31,5 inches (100 cm x 80 cm)

The painting works results from repeating a same simple and primordial gesture, which is both a heritage of Rorschah test and a reminiscence of childhood: compel painting between two surfaces, fold, unfold and then look. Carefully observing the tree patterns on the surface generated by the torn material, the artist refines over the years his technique, and develops the tools that allow to find a point of balance between the randomness of the natural process, and the choreography of the gesture who constrains it. The result is large canvases covered on the surface of a silhouette which comes out in relief of fractal trees starting from the base of the artwork and then running aground in tiny branches. This work first started with white achromes or black monochromes then declines since 2013 in iconic colors associated with travels and production contexts: ultramarine (overseas) blue and chrome green.

Views from "What I saw no longer existes" solo show at Gallery 22,48 m², Paris, 2015

Black Painting detail view

Rancho Mirage / Percepetion Park Gallery, Paris, September 2014