Thomas Tronel-Gauthier develops a multifaceted practice of sculpture, that oscillates between object and installation, questions the materials and their fate and convenes painting, photographic image and video. His work focuses on the notion of form, from its origins to its mutations, its variants to its changes. In fact, through the volume or image, he captures some natural or spontaneous phenomena, inducing recurrently a nuanced approach of the link combining ephemerality and durability.

Born in 1982, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg in 2007, and after an italian stay at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he participates in 2010 at the Montrouge Contemporary Art Fair and begins a series of solo exhibitions, titled "Low Velocity Zone" (Riff Art Projects Gallery, Paris), "Dédomestica" (Le Radar, Art Center of Bayeux) and [alimɑtɛʀ] (Sintitulo Gallery, Mougins).

Winner in 2011 of the "Support for the development of an artistic research" awarded by the National Arts Centre, he realizes an exhibition entitled "OVERSEAS / Par-delà les mers", a kind of preface to his departure in residence at the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center located on the marquesas island of Hiva Oa (French Polynesia). In 2013, "Isola" illustrates this atypical and contrasting experience, with a new series of works inspired by this trip.

From questions regarding the origin of things and his meeting with morphogenesis, he produces the exhibition "Matière d'origines", early 2014 at the Saint Severin Gallery. Following, a residence at Lycée Agricole Yvetot in partnership with the Galerie Duchamp Art Center gave rise to two exhibitions: "Terre d'accueil" and "Graviton(s) ".

In January 2015, before leaving for a residence in Nancy, after being invited by the collective Ergastule, Thomas Tronel-Gauthier will be participating with "Eternel Retour" in his third group exhibitions in the Perception Park Gallery in Paris. At the same time, the 22,48 m² Gallery (Paris) consecrates him a new solo exhibition entitled "Ce que j'ai vu n'existe plus" ("What I have seen no longer exists").