Philippe Piguet (2019)
"Thomas Tronel-Gauthier's art is requisitioned by time. He endeavours to convey in material substance something of the vitality that permeates the surface of the world and things. To grasp it briefly in order to elevate it into a metaphorical figure of the essential energy that governs them. The notion of geology, or even fossilisation, is at play in the artist's meticulous efforts to carry out an array of experiments combining the natural and the artificial, the real and the dream-like, matter and imagination and which are the product of a highly-strung sensuality."

Ann Hindry (2017)
"Thomas Tronel-Gauthier chooses to summon the world and our relation to it by treating the infinitely small processes in order so as to make us aware conscience, and/or give us a sense of the infinitely large. Each work, with its complex implementation and the subtlety of its final state, is a reminder of the link we maintain with the habitat that has shaped us."

Julie Crenn (2015)
"Thomas Tronel-Gauthier preserves the trace of a journey, of an emotion, of a sense of uneasiness or else, one of exaltation. More than just a reminder of a lost moment, each of his works gives evidence of a vision and a way of being in this world. (…) His relationship with landscapes is centred on giving back, in a physical and sensitive way, a journey. Through his eyes and hands he brings it to the surface to reveal its trace."

Emmanuelle Lequeux (2013)
"But the young artist, born in 1982, is not interested in changing lead into gold, his pursuits are elsewhere and though more modest they are still essential. His work turns nature into artifice, the instant into eternity (…) Clearly it is not by chance that his works speak of transition, the passage from density to dissolution: our contemporary paradises are they not made of such unstable matter. "